6 Keys To Real Estate Negotiations

While there are numerous reasons, it makes sense, to use the services of, a quality, licensed, real estate professional, perhaps, the most important one, is, to hire someone, with significant, negotiating skills, and abilities, in order to help you, get the best possible results. Many factors impact, whether one gets you the finest results, you seek and need/ want, including, getting the homeowner, the best possible price, in the shortest period of time, and with, a minimum of hassle/ stress. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, and discuss, 6 keys to quality, professional, real estate negotiations.

1. Know client’s needs/ priorities, etc: The Listing Presentation should not be, merely, about the agent, telling the homeowner, what services he provides, and why he would be the person, for them! Rather, the process, and discussion, should start, focused on the potential client, articulating his needs, goals, priorities, perceptions, time – frame, and reasons for selling. Then, there should be a discussion, which brings forth, the best possible marketing and sales plan, and positions the home, in a manner, which will focus on the finest, possible results. The better, client and agent, proceed, as a team, the better the potential results, and transaction period!

2. Understand other side: Quality negotiating necessitates, the ability, to put yourself, in the place, of others! This means, a professional should not, merely tell a homeowner, what he wants to hear, but, prepare him, to see things, from the perceptions of a potential, qualified buyer.

3. Listing price, offers, and counter – offers: Statistics indicate, in the vast majority of instances, the best offers are received, in the first few weeks, after a house, is listed on the real estate market. Therefore, an agent must explain, there might be a significant difference between listing, and selling prices, and, in order, to get the best offers, it’s smart, to price the house, correctly from the start, not based on emotions, but on the logic, of using, effectively and properly, a Competitive Market Analysis, of CMA. Smart, serious buyers, will make offers, which will not insult the seller, while attempting to make their best deal. Counter – offers, if serious, must seek, a meeting of the minds, and a win – win, negotiation.

4. Never weaken: Professionals must always negotiate in the best interests of their clients, and never weaken this position, by disclosing, non – material issues, which they should maintain the confidence. The key to effective negotiations is maintaining the best, possible, negotiating position!

5. Make offer: Offers and counter – offers, should be made strategically, and in, a focused manner!

6. Negotiate professionally, and make the best deal: Discipline, and focus, are necessities of quality real estate representation. You aren’t providing your client with the service, they need, and deserve, unless/ until, you provide professional negotiating skills, and make the best deal, available!

Effectively negotiating requires patience, skill, understanding, and knowledge. Clients should demand professional negotiations, from the person, they hire!