Become A More Successful Real Estate Agent: 5 Steps To Better Sales Presentations

The reality of making one’s living, in real estate, is, an individual must be able to make sales, or he won’t make any money! While the best agents realize, they must never abandon their commitment, and/ or focus on absolute integrity, and true service, if/ when, this intent, is combined with using the finest sales presentation skills, they will become most effective! Agents must recognize, being, in sales, and selling, are different entities, and to achieve the best, possible objectives, this must be a proactive process and procedure, rather than an inactive one! With that in mind, this article will briefly examine, consider, and discuss, 5 basic steps, to making better sales presentations.

1. Listen/ understand perspective of potential clients: Begin every discussion, by effectively listening, and learning, what the potential client seeks, perceives, and his essential goals and priorities! When you communicate, your emphasis will consistently be, on them, rather than you, or your self – interest, you will create an atmosphere, where they become more willing, and ready, to listen, with an open – mind, to what you are suggesting, etc.

2. Empathy: Since, for most people, the value of their house, represents, their single, largest, financial asset, they don’t want to work with someone, who seems satisfied, with proceeding in a cookie – cutter, manner, but rather, prefer an agent, who will customize his plan, to meet the unique characteristics of your circumstances, while seeming to both care, and understand you, and your needs! Quality agents consistently proceed, with the utmost level of genuine empathy!

3. Respond/ address/ answer: Successful agents listen carefully to questions and concerns of prospective clients, and answer every question, and address each concern, thoroughly, and to the satisfaction, of the individual, asking! Avoid empty rhetoric, or answers which are not responsive, specifically, to others!

4. Restate your core message; why you?: Once you are certain, you’ve responded, in a satisfactory, satisfying way, it’s important to regain control of the direction of the conversation. Restate your core message, and clearly explain the benefits you offer, and why they should select you, from the rest – of – the – pack!

5. Close the deal: All your time, and efforts, won’t get the results you seek, unless. until, you proceed forward, and close the deal. Often, doing so, is beyond someone’s limitations of their comfort zone, and, thus, it’s often, a good approach, to say, something like, In light of what we’ve discussed, and how I will meet and exceed your expectations, doesn’t it make sense, to take care of the paperwork, to get this going? Then, be sure, to say nothing, which I refer to as Z.T.L., or zip – the – lip, until your potential client, responds.

Effective sales techniques requires training, learning, and practice! Will you be up to the necessary commitment?