Real Estate Agents: Why Should Customers, Become Your Clients?

Since, in many areas of the country, homeowners, have a large pool, of available, licensed, real estate agents, to choose from, why should/ would, anyone select you? How are you different from the competition, and how, will that benefit someone, enough, to hire, you, as their representative? Will you, merely, say what you believe someone wants to hear, or, follow my service – marked, slogan, I’ll always tell you what you need to know, not simply, what you want to hear (SM)? Why should a seller, list his house, with you, and, why, might, qualified, potential buyers, be, best served, by being your client? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, examine, consider, review, and discuss, why, you are best – served, when you choose, the right/ best agent, for you!

1. Will you listen effectively?: Quality representation must begin, with effective listening, and learning/ discovering, what someone’s personal needs, goals, priorities, and unique circumstances/ concerns, might be! How can anyone represent someone, if, client, and agent, do not begin, on the same page? Why should someone trust you, unless/ until, you clearly demonstrate, and prove, you are worthy of it, and earn their respect? Since everyone is different, in either major or minor ways, doesn’t it make sense, to hire, someone, who will take the time, and make the effort, to properly serve your specific objectives and needs?

2. How will you present your listing presentation?: Many agents present themselves, during their listing presentations, in a manner, which spends, far too much time, speaking, and not enough time, listening! An effective way, to proceed, is to effectively listen, thoroughly and carefully, and learn, what a potential client’s concerns, perceptions, needs, understanding, etc, is, and focusing on, addressing those. While reviewing, and going over, competitive properties, in order to explain, pricing recommendations, it is even more important, to discuss, marketing strategies, staging ideas, and why/ how, your plan, would maximize the possibilities!

3. How will you follow – up, with potential customers, and with your client?: Timely action, is, often, the key, to gaining a competitive advantage, which benefits your client. How often, will you, communicate, and update, the homeowner, throughout the entire process? How quickly will you respond to concerns, etc?

Great service, performed in a customized, needs – oriented manner, rather than a cookie – cutter, one – size – fits – all, manner, is, essential, logical, and what your clients, deserve, and should expect, from you! Will you be ordinary, or extraordinary?