Considering a New Construction House? Consider This

Being able to build your own home from the ground up is certainly exciting. Nothing beats being able to decide exactly how every inch of your whole home looks – on your own! However, you don’t want to get too wrapped up in every inch that you forget about all the other important things requiring your attention. If you are considering a new construction house, be sure to consider the following.

Have it Inspected

The key to making a new construction house project really work is making sure you have the house inspected so you can follow up with the builder in time to remedy the problems before you move in.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

It’s common for buyers to feel they don’t need a real estate agent when they’re building a new construction house in a new or gated community. That’s what the on-site sales agent is for, right? Believe it or not, that’s not really the case. The sales representative works for the seller, who in this case is the developer; thus they are not there to protect your best interests. So while you may think they are taking care of everything for you and explaining all the paperwork, it’s important you get someone on your side. Because the builder pays the commission of your real estate agent in the new construction house process, there is absolutely no reason not to have one!

Check Out Your Builder

You want to give your builder a thorough background check, just like you would do for a potential employee you may hire, because they are, in essence, working for you.Look for things like their standing with your state’s Construction Contractor’s Board, and that there are no pending law suits or judgements against them.

Don’t Forget the Fine Print

Many of the purchase contracts builders use are much different from the state-issued documents used by real estate agents. Be sure to review each page of every contract carefully. You should also have your attorney and real estate agent read them before you sign anything. Most of the builders’ contracts are put in place just to protect their company and not you, the buyer, so make sure your agent or attorney make addendums to each of these disclosures so you are protected in every aspect of your purchase.

What You See Isn’t Always What You Get

Buyers oftentimes have a ‘what you see is what you get’ attitude when it comes to building a new construction house and comparing it to the model home. Model homes are usually decked out from doorstep to roof, and include many high-end light fixtures, appliances, trim and paint work, architectural details and much more. Don’t make assumptions when it comes to these extras and ask the sales agent for a complete list of the extras that come with the model home as well as your own.