Apartment Renting – Choosing the Floor You Want to Live On

When you are looking to rent an apartment, one of the considerations that you may have to make is which floor you would prefer to live on. Each offers something a little bit different, so it is a question that is well worth contemplating before you make your choice. Here we look at the differences between living in a top, middle and ground floor apartment.

Top Floor

The top floor is one of the favoured choices amongst many renters for a number of reasons. For one, it is usually considered the most private option, particularly if there is nobody else on the floor with you. You simply have to catch the elevator up and you’re away in your own little world.

Furthermore, as any science student will tell you, heat rises. That means that you will always have the chance to save a little bit of money on your heating bills that others in the apartment block won’t have.

You also will not have to deal with having any neighbours above you. Having to hear footsteps all day is a hassle that many people just won’t have to deal with, so you will find that a top floor apartment is usually much more peaceful, assuming you don’t have to deal with any noisy neighbours.

Middle Floors

The middle floors can sometimes get a bit of a bad rap, but it’s not all bad. In most cases you will have to deal with noise from upstairs, unless there is some form of insulation or soundproofing between floors that allows you to avoid having to hear footsteps. Having a noisy neighbour below you as well can only compound the issue.

However, much like the top floor, you also get the added benefit of rising heat. Of course, you are still going to have to heat the apartment yourself as well, but it still means that you will probably be saving a little bit of money.

Many people also like the middle floor for security reasons. A ground floor apartment is much easier to break into than one that requires a burglar to go up a flight of stairs, so you get that extra little bit of privacy and security that isn’t afforded to people on lower floors.

Ground Floor

The main advantage of a ground floor apartment is that you have a lot more convenience. There is no climbing up and down stairs, which makes grabbing some shopping or bringing in furniture a whole lot easier.

Unfortunately, you will be on the losing end of the heat rising issue, so heating a ground floor apartment is generally going to cost more and you will likely find that you apartment cools down quicker than you would like.

An unexpected advantage is that ground floor apartments are pet friendly, assuming you are allowed to keep them in the first place. After all, you don’t have to try and shuttle your pet up and down stairs so it is much easier for them to get outside when they need to.