10 Tips on Marketing Your Real Estate on Craigslist

Is promoting your realty on Craigslist still worth your time and money? The answer is that it really depends on however well you’ll turn from the restrictions. I have found some Realtors who were able to get leads from Craigslist even with the limitations.

Craigslist has recently disallowed the use of some markup language code (such as pictures, links, and colors) making it a hassle to customize your posts.

Many marketers are finding it more and more difficult to convert leads from Craigslist.

Okay! I won’t waste your time anymore! Here are the tips on how you can market your real estate on Craigslist:

Tip #1:

Even though your links are no longer clickable, it doesn’t mean that you can’t post it. What you can do is to put instructions like “Copy and paste this link to get more information about this house”.


If you were used to showing photos using image links in Craigslist, then you would know that it has already been restricted. Since we can’t link images anymore from our sources, we can simply upload them directly.


Always upload pictures to Craigslist but don’t show your leads everything. You have to make them contact you to get more photos.


Make sure you are placing your phone number within the post. There a trend that the average Craigslist visitors prefer dialing phone numbers rather than having to copy and paste the Realtor’s website.


Make as many posts as possible. Real estate marketing on Craigslist has a huge amount of competition.


Don’t post too much detail about the house. Just like uploading too many photos, you will want the leads to call and ask you for more.


Put stress on your keywords. The key is for your leads to remember the highlights about the home you are promoting.


Never place your email address on your posts. If you don’t want to get your account hacked, make sure you use Craigslist’s anonymous email. It might even be better if you just restrict the email messaging in Craigslist altogether.


Make use of the remaining unrestricted font designs such as: Bold, Italicize, and Underlines. This helps make your content readable and easy to remember.


Keep your posts brief! Don’t create a novel and go straight to the point. You’re audience’s time is also important.