Real Estate Flyers – Use Them To Generate Leads, Listings and Sales

Real Estate Flyers are Not Just For Top Producers

Flyers are perfect marketing tools for generating leads and listings, and for making sales that every agent can and should be using – including you! Why? Because almost everybody is familiar with them, consequently they’re a marketing medium familiar to and accepted by the masses… and even though some real estate agents use them they’re still underutilized by many.

Don’t believe me? Then let me ask you a question to prove the point. “How many flyer marketing campaigns have you engaged in over the last 12 months?” I’ll wager that the answer is none to 2 – 3 at most. And if I’m right you’re missing out on one of the best real estate marketing strategies there is.

Real Estate Flyer Marketing Is For Everybody

Flyer Marketing can be done by both new and veteran agents. All you need is a targeted audience, a product and/or service to sell (house, listing, specialty working with military veterans, etc.) and a commitment to mailing followup flyers on a regular basis.

Flyer Marketing is also applicable to Mortgage Brokers, Appraisers, Surveyors, Home Builders and even For Sale By Owners (FSBOs). Plus, they can also use some of the same distribution channels (Facebook, Twitter and other marketing and social media outlets; Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Vimeo, Craigslist, Backpage, etc).

Real Estate Flyer Templates

Flyers today are so much more visually appealing and engaging than templates of the past; even some of those created as recently as a couple of years ago pale in comparison to more recent ones. In fact, some of the ones that you design and print yourself (DIY) are of such high quality that they’ll look like they were professionally printed.


People are flooded everyday with tons of junk mail, but they still enjoy receiving flyers and postcards. How so? For one thing they can figure out at a glance whether they’re interested in the products and/or services being advertised.

Another is that flyers are eye candy and people are drawn in by the different sizes, colors, themes, designs and images.

And last but not least when they’re interested in the content of the flyers, and when they’re ready to purchase the products and services promoted in them they often times do so through the agents who sent them the flyers; which is exactly what you want them to do, right?