Property Management 101 – My Vision for Property Management

Creating an effective Vision is a way to share an understanding of a common purpose as well as to generate a clear image of the future success you strive to achieve. It is the work of leaders and the managers, to help to create this Vision.

I believe all teams require direction and Vision to become successful. Without this teams will generally flounder and success will seem like a distant image.

The Vision becomes the key driver of change and a powerful Vision has the following characteristics:

1. It outlines a compelling reason for change – People do need a reason to change, they are not going to commit to the extra effort to change without any motive.

2. It delivers a picture of the future – We all need to see what we are working towards.

3. It is focused on what needs to be achieved – Without direction we are wandering aimlessly. Tell the team what they are achieving.

4. It appeals to the long-term interest of all stakeholders – If I was a business owner, I would need to see continuous improvement before I put any further funds towards the business, including the team.

5. It can be communicated easily – Have discussions at your team meetings, put the visions on your internal communications, on your walls, on the top of your computer monitors. Live it and breathe it.

Teams without clear direction often experience the following obstacles to high performance:

1. Increased conflict among team members on how to achieve goals – Too many bosses and no clear direction or vision equals everyone heading in a different direction.

2. Lack of agreement on team direction – No one is clear how to get to the goal.

3. Team activity does not translate into clear progress – It is hard to progress with-out knowing where the team is headed.

4. People work in different directions – All roads do not lead to Rome! It is perfectly fine for people to work on a slightly different route if the destination is the same.

5. A lack of focus on future success can lead to setbacks When staff have no vision, they become disheartened. They ask questions like: Why bother? Why do I come to work every day? What are we accomplishing by being here?

Improvements in team effectiveness that come from a clear, compelling Vision of the future lead to new paths of excellence. I would love to hear about your visions and direction for the future of your team.