Homeowners: Before Listing Your Home, Know 6 Things It OFFERS

You’ve loved, and enjoyed, living in your present home, but for some reason, you’ve decided, it is time to sell it, and relocate. This may be a personal reason, such as financial, economic, or employment/ job – related, a need to either upsize or downsize, or due to moving to another geographic area. Regardless of your reasons, before listing your home on the real estate market, with the attempt to sell it, for the highest available price, in the shortest period of time, with the least hassle, you should commit to objectively, taking a look at the house (as if, through the eyes of others), and better realizing, and knowing what it OFFERS (to prospective buyers). Here are 6 guidelines, or things to consider, using the mnemonic approach.

1. Objectivity; obstacles; offers: Because of your emotional attachment to the place you live, it is often challenging, to proceed with the level of objectivity, needed, to be able, to best market your home. You must recognize the stumbling blocks and obstacles, as well as knowing what your home offers (and does not)!

2. Face facts; fix up: Houses priced right, from the start, usually sell fastest, and at the best price. Let your chosen, real estate agent, help you identify, items, and/ or areas, which might minimize and. or adversely affect the marketing of the property, and determine, whether, it might make sense, to fix those areas!

3. Friendly; financial: How will you make your home more appealing, and/ or friendly – feeling, to prospective buyers, because when prospective buyers, feel more comfortable, they are more likely, to give an offer? Understand and recognize financial considerations and ramifications!

4. Emphasis; extras: What features, do you believe, should be emphasized, and why? What extras, might your home include, which make it stand out, from the rest of the pack?

5. Realistic; ready: Are your expectations realistic, and based on reality? Is your home ready, to be shown, to the best of its possibilities?

6. Staging; selling: Does your house need some professional staging, in order to be shown off, in its best light? What will you do, to work together with your chosen agent, as a team, to maximize the possibilities, in terms of marketing, and selling your home, in the shortest period of time, for the best possible price, and the least amount of hassle?

When a homeowner begins the process, with his eyes – wide – open, and recognizing the strengths and weaknesses, knowing what the house OFFERS, an often – tense period, becomes far less stressful! Will you help yourself, obtain the best possible results?