You Want To Sell Your Home? Address Curb Appeal

For one of a variety of personal reasons, you have decided, it’s the time, to sell your home. If you are like most others, your goal and priority, is to sell your house, for the best possible price, in the shortest period of time, with a minimum of stress and hassle. Unfortunately, many times, homeowners become so comfortable living in their home, they neglect certain details, and regular maintenance, either due to being busy, not even thinking about it, etc. However, when you make the decision to sell, you have to realize, others don’t possess the same memories and love for your home, you do, and you will be marketing your home, against others, which might be comparable and competitive, and therefore, must do all you can, to make a good impression, etc. This article will briefly consider 5 ways to address, what is known, as, curb appeal, or the first impression, potential homebuyers, get, when they first see your house.

1. Drive up and observe: Try driving up to your house, and look at it, objectively, the way, others might! What might create a positive, first impression, versus a negative one? What’s the first thing, which attracts your eye? How might you improve/ enhance the curb appeal? Have a thorough discussion, with your chosen, selected, hired, professional, real estate agent, and discuss what you might be able to do, to make it more positive?

2. Grounds; gardens: Compare the positives and negatives of the appearance of your grounds, including the gardens, trees, bushes, etc. Would planting a few colorful flowers provide a better look? How about trimming your hedges, making sure trees are trimmed and neat, etc? How about your lawn?

3. Driveway; patios; walkways: What is the condition of your driveway, patios and walkways? Could using blacktop give your driveway a fresh, cleaner look and appearance? Are your walkways in good condition, with a minimum of cracks, etc, as well as clean? Might power – washing improve the overall appearance?

4. Front of house: How does the front of your house, appear? Is it clean, neat, and give the appearance of being well – maintained? Have you reduced any clutter, etc? Is the overall appearance, from the first look, a positive or negative one? Remember, unless a potential buyer, feels a comfortable, quality, first impression, they will never take an objective look at your home, and it will take it out of consideration!

5. Use of color: Examine the shutters, areas around windows, front door, pillars, etc, and see, if a new layer of painting, as well as a hint of color, might enhance the initial curb appeal!

Considering curb appeal may be the difference between attracting quality, objective buyers, and losing real viewings! Will you commit, to taking some basic, inexpensive steps, to maximize the potential of selling your home?